Wang Chemicals Co.,Ltd has been serving the food industry in Thailand for the food ingredients since 1979. We are representing the leading food ingredients suppliers in the world as follow :-

  Diana Naturals, France for Fruit + Vegetables Concentrates, Flakes, Powders,
   Phytonutrients and other custom blends.

  Polygal AG, Switzerland for Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum and Low Viscosity Tara Gum.

  CHS , Israel for Soy Protein Isolate, Functional Soy Protein Concentrate, Textured Soy Concentrate and Textured Soy Protein.

  FMC, Biopolymer, USA for Seaweed Flour Blends, Alginate for petfood applications.

  Langdon Ingredients, Australia for dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spices.

  BCF, France for Keramine HD (Flavour Enhancer and Palatant).

             We are focusing on the seafood cannery, beverages, dairy products, meat further process, soup, sauces, dressing,
instant noodles, fruit preparations, etc.

Our slogan is The Food Solution Provider ,

Any further information please kindly contact : - Mrs.Supanee Prasittisomporn (Managing Director)
                                                          - Ms. May (Assist Marketing Manager)
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